What is CANMP? 

The Capital Area New Mainers Project is a cross-cultural organization that welcomes immigrants and works to create a thriving, integrated, multicultural community in central Maine.


Why do we need CANMP? 

At a time when fearful rhetoric dominates the news, CANMP embraces immigrants and refugees in our communities. We view immigrants and refugees as “New Mainers” – people who bring much-needed energy, vitality, and diversity to help our communities grow and thrive.

​What does CANMP do? 

Based in Augusta, CANMP embraces immigrants as “New Mainers” who bring much-needed diversity, energy, and vitality to our area. With robust programs and a strong network of volunteers, we aim to:

  • Cultivate personal relationships: We give immigrants and local community members the opportunity to meet, share experiences, and build lasting relationships.

  • Meet immigrant needs: We connect immigrants to helpful people and resources in the capital area to meet immediate and long-term needs, and we provide opportunities for them to become contributing members of our community.

  • Educate the broader community: We advocate for immigrant needs and educate the broader community about diverse cultures and immigration issues.

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70 State Street

P.O. Box 5712

Augusta, ME 04332